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Shenandoah Turf offers a wide range of Services for your Lawn and Landscape.  From our Lawn Maintenance Program to Custom Care Options to Landscape Management, we have the service to suit your needs.

We understand a lawn isn't just grass – it's an investment; an investment of not only time and money, but also of dreams and memories. You want your lawn to look impeccable, and so do we. Our Lawn Maintenance Program helps your lawn look beautiful and stay healthy, helping you achieve the lawn you've always wanted.

Lawn maintenance performed by Shenandoah Turf trained professionals keeps your grass green and lush, eliminating unsightly weeds and preventing them from appearing.  A healthy lawn also helps keep out disease. We tailor an approach for your yard based on our knowledge of the area. Because our lawn services are designed to fulfill the needs of your specific yard, there is no exact time-frame in which lawn services must be applied. We don't base your lawn service on a one-size-fits-all standard. However, typical lawn care calls for four to six applications per year. Plus, you don't even have to be home at the time of your lawn service. Instead of spending endless hours mowing the lawn or on yard work, you can spend more time relaxing.


Services Include:




Lawn Maintenance Program

The Shenandoah Turf Lawn Maintenance Program consists of 5 services annually throughout the growing season.  Our Program promotes turf density, provides vital nutrients, eliminates and prevents weeds, and keeps unwanted pests from appearing.

Service #1 (Early Spring)

Crabgrass pre-emergent herbicide, slow release fertilizer

Service #2 (Late Spring)

Crabgrass prevention, slow release fertilizer, selective herbicide for broadleaf weed control

Service #3 (Summer)

Surface insecticide, weed control, summer annuals control

Service #4 (Early Fall)

Slow release fertilizer, broadleaf weed control

Service #5 (Late Fall)

Slow release fertilizer, (higher Nitrogen count for winter storage and early spring green up), weed control

* Our Lawn Maintenance Program can be customized from 2 to 5 services per year, depending on the client's individual needs and desires, and is often combined with other services. For example, our 1,2, Grub Prevention, 4,5 service is a very popular choice among clients.

Please contact us for a free estimate!



Crabgrass Control:

These pre-emergent herbicides are applied in the late-Winter and throughout the Spring for the control and prevention of crabgrass and summer annuals such as, foxtail, spurge, oxalis, goosegrass, etc. They are applied in 2 split applications 6 to 8 weeks apart to lengthen the control period throughout the summer. Once activated by rainfall they form a barrier in top layer of the soil that controls germination of summer annuals.


Broadleaf Weed Control:

Selective herbicide application performed in Spring(May) and/or Fall(Oct.) to control broadleaf weeds in turf. May require multiple applications on stubborn weeds such as wild violets, ground ivy, summer annuals, etc.



Application of granular, slow release nutrients and micro-nutrients to lawns to promote growth, vigor, and density.

Insecticide: Surface insecticide applied to lawn during summer to control insects such as armyworms, cutworms, sod webworms, chinch bugs, earwigs, mites, etc.


Some of our custom care services are often combined with our Lawn Maintenance Program to provide complete coverage and to maximize the potential of your lawn and landscape. These include: Lime, Grub Prevention, Perimeter Insect Control, Core Aeration and Overseeding. View our custom care services for more information.


Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care

Shenandoah Turf’s Tree & Shrub Care program is designed to protect and enrich your valuable plantings. Our program encourages fuller foliage, richer color, and added vigor.  Healthy trees and plants are more naturally resistant to insects and disease as well.  Our program consists of 4 services per year that include:

  • Monitoring and treatment for a variety of insects and diseases
  • Foliar fertiliization and micro-nutrient applications to ensure proper nourishment
  • Fungicide and miticide applications
  • Anti-dessicant to prevent winter transpiration
  • Horticultural Oil for protection and to control insects

We ensure your Ornamental Trees & Shrubs receive life-sustaining nutrients and the protection to withstand nature’s challenges. Please contact us for a free estimate!


Custom Care Services

Bermudagrass Control (aka wiregrass):

Cool season grasses in our area (fescue, rye, bluegrass) normally go dormant in extremely hot weather, making it easier for wiregrass to spread. The wiregrass thrives in warm weather and can start to overtake your lawn. The best defense is a thick, healthy lawn but sometimes even the healthiest lawns need help. A newly developed program has been launched to control wiregrass in cool season lawns. When followed correctly, it provides 80-85% control in the first year.  This program consists of 3 services developed by Virginia Tech.   First procedure is performed in July with the second and third procedures performed in August.  Three-week intervals are allowed between procedures.  Repeat the program for two years with re-seeding performed in the fall.


Core Aeration:

Core aeration is one of the most important practices available for your lawn. Aeration helps control thatch, improves the soil structure, helps create growth pockets for new roots, and opens the way for water and nutrients to get into the root zone of your lawn. Periodic aeration is advised for lawns on heavy clay soils, those with more than ½ inch thatch build-up and any lawn that needs to be “thickened up”.



Adding organic matter to existing soil to improve growth and turf density and enrich the soil. It is usually a mixture of decomposed leaves, manure and peat and is spread over lawn or soil at approximately 1/2”. It is incorporated into the lawn by aeration or tilling into bare soil.



Most lawns in our region are too acidic in nature for ideal grass development and require lime to be applied to the soil. Achieving an acceptable level of acidity (referred to as pH) is an important factor in Turf Management. With improper soil pH, grass seed will not germinate, fertilizer may be unproductive, and weed control can be ineffective. Some lawns may require multiple applications to achieve proper soil pH. A soil test can tell us how much lime is needed to reach the correct level as well as any other micro-nutrient deficiencies.


Flea and Tick Control:

For our pet lovers, we apply an insecticide to the lawn and landscape to control fleas and ticks. Gives a control period of 4 months and is usually applied in May in this region.



These applications are usually done May through September to minimize summer damage caused by severe fungus. Funguses are most active during warm day temperatures and warm nights. Heat stress weakens plants, making them more susceptible to disease. If you have chronic brown patches in the yard during July and August, consider this program.


Grub Prevention:

Application of a sub-surface insecticide, usually in late May or June, to control various beetle grubs before any damage can occur. These insecticides, after activated by water, remain in the top layer of the soil to kill the grubs as they first hatch and start to feed. May be used on lawn and mulch/flower beds.


Grub Control:

Application of a sub-surface insecticide in late Summer or early Fall to control existing beetle larvae (grubs) that have damaged a lawn. The insecticide must be activated by ½” of water (irrigation or rainfall) within 24-48 hours after application. Lawns with excessive thatch may require more watering. We recommend our Grub Prevention to control grubs before they hatch.


Lawn Renovation:

Some circumstances may  require entire lawn renovation. Whether it's new construction, weeds have taken over, extreme pest or disease damage, or that simply grass will not grow, lawn renovation might be your next step.

First, we conduct a Soil Test. Then we kill the existing lawn with a non-selective herbicide, spraying it 3 times on 7 to 10 day intervals. Next, we remove existing turf or, depending on the results of the soil test, apply new topsoil or compost. At this point there are two options for lawn installation;


1. Seeding: Again, depending on the soil test, we apply soil amendments such as starter fertilizer and lime. After soil is adequately prepared, we core aerate two ways and then broadcast seed in two directions. Seed is normally a blend of Turf Type Tall Fescue and Bluegrass, or shade mix may be used when needed. Watering is required every day for the next 3 weeks by the client.


2. Sodding: We roto-till the top layer of soil and remove any large rocks and debris. Soil amendments are then applied and sod is installed. We thoroughly water the new sod, roll it, and then spread grass seed into the seams. Watering is required every day for the next 3 weeks by the client.


Preferred time for Lawn Renovation is late summer, but we can accommodate nearly any request.


Mole Control:

Consists of 2 service calls. The first service is to assess amount of damage and to tamp down all existing tunnels in lawn. Second service is 7 to 10 days later to apply jellied baits in tunnels that moles are actively using.  Repeated applications may be required depending on mole population.



Exactly what it says; we seed your lawn with the right mixture of grass seed for your specific needs. This is normally done in a combination with aeration, composting or slit-seeding.


Perimeter Insect Control (PIC):

This surface insecticide is applied around the foundation of your home. The application creates a 20 ft. barrier against insects such as spiders, ants, earwigs, centipedes, etc. that may invade your home. Usually this service is performed in May and lasts 3 to 4 months.


Vegetative Control:

Three services performed throughout the growing season. Spraying of non-selective herbicides where no vegetation is desired. This is usually done on industrial and commercial sites such as parking lots, storage sites, fence rows, etc., and can be used for driveways and gravel roadways or as basic brush control. End results are seen in 7 to 10 days.


Weed and Feed:

An application of slow release fertilizer and broadleaf weed control, performed once in the Spring (May) and again in the Fall (Oct.). This is the minimum done in our lawn care program and is usually for larger properties.


Landscape Management

Landscape Bed Maintenance: Application of selective herbicide(s) to control broadleaf weeds and summer annuals in landscape. Consists of 3 services a year, on 60 day intervals.


Commercial Mowing: Mowing and trimming of a property on a weekly or biweekly period during growing season. Offered in the Staunton, Waynesboro, and Harrisonburg markets.


Leaf Removal: Removal of leaves in late Fall or early Winter from lawn and landscape. Leaves can either be moved to street for city/municipal pickup or removed off site.  Spring cleanup service is available as well.

Mulching and Bed Edging: Application of hardwood mulch to landscape beds and edging exterior. Dyed Mulch is available at an additional cost.


Pruning: Trimming of small trees and shrubs, and removal of clippings. Can be done in Spring and/or Fall.



We specialize in irrigation installation and maintenance!

Underground sprinkler systems provide a means to irrigate the lawn and landscape with precision and efficiency. Studies show that a properly installed irrigation system can produce a water savings of over 50%, when compared to the traditional hose-and-sprinkler method.


Irrigation Installation: The installation process requires trenching, by hand and/or by machine, to place the underground elements. All systems are installed with backflow prevention, controller, and rain delay technology. Within Municipalities, water source is fitted with a seclusion meter which eliminates sewage fees on water used for irrigation.  Drip irrigation for landscape and soil moisture control is also available.


Irrigation Maintenance: Repair of existing irrigation systems. Spring start-up and adjustment service available along with late fall winterization and blow-out service. Upgrade of electronics available.  Please contact us for a free estimate!



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